A new crypto currency focused on the rarity of privacy. We've designed an open source digital currency free to anyone who seeks to mine it.
White paper

Quantis the digital currency

We've designed an open source digital currency free to anyone who seeks to mine it. The Quantis network allows for p2p Intranet File Sharing, Anonymous Transaction, Decentralized Tools, and Applications all self sufficient and sustainable.We welcome anyone who wishes to freely contribute to the Quantis Network, There is No ICO, Pre-Mine, or Investment on anyone's behalf. We believe ln Quantis, and look forward to enhancing and upholding Satoshi's protocol and vision. Quantis was designed specifically for privacy. Instant tx, masternodes, Decentralized tools, intranet filesharing, and decentralized Applications, create a viable platform to communicate and transact securely. Quantis is pre-mine free, miner friendly, PoS Friendly, and environment friendly.


Quantis elaborate cryptography allows users to transact, communicate, and share data securely and privately.


Open Source Code available to everyone, Quantis is free to anyone who chooses to mine it, No central authority issues Quantis or controls it.


Our Development team has taken significant steps towards enhancing user security, and personal privacy by removing the middle man.


Official release of the quantis wallets


Official released on Github

Mac osx

Official released on Github



Official released on Github

Road map

Quantis development and marketing roadmap.

  • Q1

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Launching Quantis, Bitcoin talk thread, social media, press release launch, testing network, wallets, pools, explorer, exchange contact and listings.

  • Q2

    Quantis network QNet & QHidden

    • Quantis Network – Qnet & QHidden development announcement

    • QNet – a decentralized tool integrated within the Quantis wallet allowing for instant messaging with end-to-end encryption

    • QHidden – a privacy tool that offers special data embedding using steganography with cryptographic encryption, providing the ability to transfer concealed information data within a document or image.

  • Q3

    Revenue & marketing deployment.

    •Revenue streams, real world marketing agency, social media, website wiki, faq subforum.

    •Qnotary Proof of creation for digital files using the Quantis blockchain.

    •Qventure a 2d adventure game to generate ad revenue integrating crypto related task to generate token winning.

    •Marketing real world and online marketing assignments.

  • Q4

    User interface Redesign & Phase Two Expansion

    •Wallet interface redesign for a more modern, comprehensive look and practicality.

    •Phase two expansion to Mobile platforms Mobile wallets, IOS and android.

    •QNet in chat wallet integration and commands, Send Quan via chat, Receive Quan, Wallet address profile look up.

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